Products used on this look


Makeup forever face primer

Black opal true even flawless foundation, beautiful bronze

MaryKay timewise foundation, bronze 4

Zaron powder, ZZ25


Jordana bronzing powder as eyeshadow

Huda beauty black eyeliner

Zaron black eye pencil

Mink eyelashes

Kylie jenner mascara


Classic long lasting lip gloss, thunder

Highlight and brows

Zaron brow definer

Black opal concealer, truly topaz

Maybelline all in one powder, toffee

How to look 10 years younger

This is a skincare recipe that is very popular in Japan right now. It’s simple and basic,

  • Boil rice for a short period of time, strain it and keep the water.
  • Add honey and milk into the rice and mash together.
  • Clean your face and apply the mask. When dry rinse your face with the rice water.

Benefits of rice water

  • Soft skin
  • Brighter tan
  • Reduces fine lines.

Try this once a week for a month and see the results.

Coffee oil and its use

You get coffee oil by combining grounded coffee and olive oil in a jar, cover it and shake it well. Keep it in a dry place for up to 1-3 weeks or a month then after, using a cloth, strain the oil into another jar. You can apply it on your face or hair.

Benefits of coffee oil

  • It treats stretch marks.
  • Fades dark circles.
  • Promotes hair growth.
  • Brightens skin.

Try this twice a week for a month and see the results.

Products used on this looks

I did this looks on the same day so here are the products used as requested


Makeup forever face primer

Marykay timewise foundation, bronze 7

Maybelline all in one powder

Black opal concealer, hazelnut


Zaron eyeshadow palette, showstopper

Huda beauty black liner

Mink lashes

Zaron black eye pencil

1 lipstick colour

Tara brown pencil, afia

Classic long lasting lip gloss,  metallic nude

2nd lipstick colour

Tara brown lip liner, afia

Zaron lipstick, barefaced

Some of the makeup used are makeup brands in Nigeria.



Today’s look

It’s all about purple. When I use a purple eyeshadow I prefer for it to be smokey so I apply a dark eyeshadow with it. I think purple looks better with a dark eyeshadow, what do you think?


Mink lashes

The mink eyelashes are more natural, fluffy and lighter at the same time. Due to its light weight and higher quality of lashes. I love mink lashes, if you are interested in buying you can click on the link below

This is the mink lash I purchased recently, take a look