How to look younger than your age

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun;

The most powerful ageing agent is the sun and excessive exposure to it invariably causes ageing. The ultraviolet light from the sun damages certain fibres in the skin known as elastin.

Drink plenty of water;

Water is an important detoxifier. If you don’t drink enough water you won’t get rid of the toxins in your body and accumulation of toxins would disturb the body’s metabolism.

Watch what you eat;

Avoid junk food as much as possible. Eat a balanced diet. Most people pay more attention  to what drug or cream to use to make your skin fresh instead of focusing on what they eat. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

Quite smoking;

As I said earlier what enters the mouth goes a long way to impart the skin. Smoking speeds up ageing of the skin. The chemicals found in cigarettes have been found to damage collagen and elastin fibres that maintain and strengthen the skin.

Stay positive;

On the face value, this may seem not to have any connection with the skin but the mind is a powerful tool. If you are always looking at the wrong, negative  side of life you cannot look healthy and young.

Exercise  regularly;

Exercise is not only meant for reducing weight, you exercise to stay fit. It keeps the heart rate pumping. Take long walks, use the stairs sometimes instead of the elevator. Exercise keeps you in shape.

Mind your choice of cosmetics;

Do not use harsh soaps on your face, a skincare product that stings the skin will make it look older. Do not buy fake makeup products, cheap doesn’t mean quality!.

Other good habits that help you look younger are; adequate sleep, wash your face after sweating etc


One thought on “How to look younger than your age

  1. Great tips and suggestions. I just needed it 😉. Thanks a lot for the post. I loved it so much my dear friend 😊


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