Two Avon lipsticks I currently love using

Totally kissable red embrace by Avon; This is creamy red that has an orange undertone, it glides on smoothly and it has this sweet cherry scent that will make you want taste the lipstick but of course you can’t.


Totally kissable makeout red by Avon;

This is also red but has this hot pinkish look, also has a sweet scent and glides on smoothly.


I would like you to tell me some of Avon lipsticks you love so I can try them.

Products used on this look

Elf setting spray

Mary Kay foundation 708 & 600

Zaron powder ZZ35

MAC single eyeshadow, antiqued


11 thoughts on “Two Avon lipsticks I currently love using

  1. Hi there I am new to blogging and I am an Avon rep and I would love to be your Avon gal, by the way you look gorgeous….I love the all butter now lip treat by Mark/Avon, nude is my color but we have dozens you’ll love. True color by Avon is another favorite of mine, check out my store for the latest deals and I am also here for any advice, happy shopping.


      1. You have a great blog. For any orders placed outside the US you just call  call 1-513-341-2792 and place an order directly and you can give them my name as your refering represenative. My husband works in Namibia and Cameron time to time, he says they are great places and loves all the friendly people.


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