False lashes dos and dont’s

1. Trim your lashes to fit your eye size. Customizing your lashes will give you a more natural appearance.
2. When you apply the lash glue on your false eyelashes wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky so that it doesn’t slip off your lash line and become messy.
3. Tweezers will help place your lashes on your lash line, although your hands are a great tool for it too.
4. Continuous practice of applying of lashes will make you become an expert. You know what they say ‘practice makes perfect’.

1. Do not place lashes at the inner corner of your eyes.
2. Do not wait too long to apply the lashes after applying lash glue. You want the glue to be tacky not solid.
3. Use oil based makeup remover to completely remove the remains of lash glue after pulling your lashes off your eyes.

Eyelash glue are of two types, clear/white glue and dark glue

Tweezers come in different types too,


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