Eyeliners are perfect for defining the eyes. Whether it’s a gel liner, liquid liner, pencil liner or eyeshadow liner its good to know and understand their prons and cons of application.
Pencil eyeliners
They are much easier to use however you might not get the same sharp precision as a liquid or gel liner. Pencils are great, they come in different colors, black, green, blue etc. they can also be used on your waterline

Liquid eyeliners
Liquid liners are usually more watery than the gel liner. Liquid liners are very precise- which is great for creating the perfect line and a very defined look. They are best for that winged eyeliner makeup look.

Gel liner
Gel liners usually come packaged in a little pot and is a thicker, creamier consistency. Gel liners are easier to apply especially for first timers. To apply a gel liner you use either an angled brush or eyeliner brush. Gel liners are also great eye shadow primers, they give your eyeshadow a more staying power.
Eyeshadow eyeliner
For a daytime look using a black eyeshadow to line your lash line is excellent. To apply use an angled brush to draw and also smudge along your lash line. You can also use other colors of eyeshadow to line your lash line and even your waterline depending on the look you want achieve. Make sure you prime your eyelids before lining with eyeshadow so that it will have a longer staying power.



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