Getting your lips ready

Exfoliate your lips.

· Moisturize lips with lip balm and leave it for a few minutes.

· Wipe the lip balm off, if necessary. Why do I say if necessary, this is because it depends on the kind of lipstick or lip gloss you intend to use or if you intend to line your lips with a lip pencil.  Lip balm that is leftover will make your lips too slippery and prevent the lip liner and lipstick (if it is matte) from sticking.

· Prime your lips with foundation or concealer; this will help bring out the natural color of your lipstick. However it is not necessary.

· Choose your lip liner, it gives the lipstick something to grip onto and makes it last longer. It also helps the lipstick to go on more evenly and prevents it from bleeding.

· Don’t use a matte lipstick if you have a dry skin, use lipstick that contains good skin conditioners.

· After you apply the lipstick blot the lipstick with a tissue ie fold a tissue, press it between your lips. This helps remove excess lipstick.

· Put on a second coat, the first coat acted as a sort of base so the second coat will give you a lasting more intense color.

· Make your lipstick last longer by dusting it with white or translucent powder, how do you do that?  Gently pull the tissue apart so that you end up with two thin sheets, press one of the sheets on your lips and lightly dust it with translucent powder. Pull the tissue away and apply another coat of lipstick.

· Clean the outer edges of your lips with some concealer that matches your skin tone using an angled brush. Blend it outward into your foundation, this will prevent the lipstick from smearing.


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