Coconut oil

Some people shy away from coconut oil on account of it being a tree nut oil. Coconut oil indeed comes from the coconut tree but coconut is a drupe not a nut. A person who is allergic to nut will not be allergic to coconut oil.

Benefits of coconut oil

1. Soothe chapped lips; all you have to do is apply a single drop of oil on your lips with your finger tips. It makes an excellent lip balm on its own.

2. Prevents aging; coconut oil is gentle on skin as a moisturizer and exfoliates without abrading the skin. When applied in a thin layer, it can act as a physical barrier to dust and other pollutants around your environment, it seals moisture. Its antioxidant action reduces oxidative keeps the skin smooth and supple by promoting collagen formation. It reduces facial wrinkles.

3. It offers protection from sunburn; if you apply it on your sin before stepping out of the house it will protect your skin from effects of solar radiation.

4. Coconut oil acts as an antibacterial shield; it is the ‘lauric acid’ in the coconut oil that acts as the antibacterial shield. The only other natural substance high in lauric acid is ‘breastmilk’

5. It is a deep clenser; it softens the keratin cap and makes exfoliation much easier. For dry skin mix two table spoon of almond flour with enough coconut oil and milk to make thick paste. Apply on the face. For oily skin, use oatmeal and coconut oil to exfoliate, after steam your face for five minutes to open up your skin pores, wash off with mild soap and warm water.

6. It is a natural makeup remover; apply coconut oil all over the face with a cotton ball, leave it for five minutes and wash off with warm water and mild soap. It goes as far as dissolving waterproof mascara and eyeliner so that you can gently wipe them off.


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