Blending eyeshadows

blending of eyeshadows (1)Blending is how colors seamlessly transition into one another with no brush marks, stops or starts. There are two distinct components to great blending; using the right brushes and technique to blend the colors into the other, and using colors correctly to transition into one another.

A good quality blending brush makes a whole lot of difference.

Using a blending brush apply the eye shadow, using a windshield wiper motion back and forth to blend using a light hand. Don’t press too hard when blending out eye shadow as you want to achieve a soft blended look. There are different types of blending brushes, it is better to use different blending brush for different shades so you don’t mix colors.

A blending or transition color is an eye shadow used in between the crease color. For example when you use a dark brown in the crease you would use a gold eye shadow on top of the dark brown and blend up so it looks like dark brown turning into gold creating that gradient effect.

For today’s look I used a brown eye shadow on my crease then a gray at the inner corner of my eyes and also a wine pinkish color of eye shadow however to blend I used three different blending brushes so as not to mix colors up. Click on this link to watch my YouTube video on how to blend your eyeshadow;

Products used for this look

Mary Kay mattifying foundation bronze7

Mary Kay foundation primer

Zaron mattifying powder zz35

House of tara eye shadow palette (Olufunke Ransom Kuti)

Character lip gloss CK35

Marybeth liquid liner

Black opal concealer for highlighting the brows, truly topaz

Brushstrokes false eyelashes.


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