Natural Hair

Hi dearies, I decided to share my experience on natural hair and if possible hear your thoughts and answer your questions too.
Natural hair is a big deal for us ladies because our hair is our glory, our crown and part of our beauty. For me this is my second time going natural, I went natural because I was going through a phase in my life where I wanted a change; I wanted to be a better version of myself. Everyone has their different reasons for wanting to go natural however the first and most important step to being natural is CONFIDENCE.
Your purpose determines your confidence because trust me a lot of people will discourage from going natural, I remember when I want to cut my hair so many people discouraged me, a friend told me I had a visible forehead so low cut will never suit me. When I finally cut my hair the same friend told me I looked really nice. That’s why confidence is important.
Another thing you need to do is research, this is so important, research on products, how to transition,in fact take a few months to research. For me I researched for five months before I decided to transition. Transition in the natural term means when you stop relaxing your hair for a while before you finally get the confidence to barb the relaxed part of your hair.
When researching on natural hair there are certain things you must look out for;
• Sulfate free shampoo and conditioners- these are soimportant because sulfate in shampoo or conditioner dries up or removes moisture from your hair. Moist is so important for natural hair because it helps the hair look shiny, easy to tame and style.
• Daily moisture products- this is where we introduce the LOC method, L is for liquid (water and leave in conditioner), natural African hair needs water to soften it and your leave in conditioner must be water based. This must be done day and night especially during the day.
• Good protective styles- these are hair styles that will not cut off your edges example box braids, kinky braids etc. but they should not be kept for a long time on the hair. Sometime you might want to change how you look!
• Regime- this is like a plan on how to take care of your hair daily, weekly, and monthly. I call it a roaster for hair.
With all these and patience you will have a beautiful natural hair.
With love,
Mary, co- owner Marybeth beauty house


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