Caring for the three types of skin

I will be writing today about how to care for your type of skin.
Dry skin; caring for dry skin involves retaining as much moisture as possible. One way is to avoid using products that contain alcohol because alcohol dries. Recommended ingredients for dry skin include alphahydroxy, lactic acids, petroleum, lanolin and glycerin so take time to read product labels.
Dry skin won’t feel like it needs to be cleansed but it does, twice daily, morning and night using a gentle cleanser made especially for a skin that is dry, cleanse with warm, not hot water. Finish off with a cool rinse. It is never a good idea to use hot water to clean any type of skin or to soak in a tub because doing so will only strip skin of its natural oils.
After washing your skin, pat it dry using soft towel but don’t dry completely, leave your skin a little moist, then apply a light moisturizer. Those containing vitamin E are excellent choices. If you wear makeup choose foundations that moisturizing ingredients mentioned above.
Help keep skin hydrated by drinking water and increasing your consumption of high water content foods such as cucumber and watermelon. Antioxidants are crucial in helping maintain the skin’s intracellular matrix.
Oily skin; you’ve got to keep oily skin clean so that pores openings remain clear. Otherwise dead cells, dirt, and other bacteria will clog pores and cause pimples. Skin is delicate so always use gentle cleanser and warm, not hot water. Exfoliate weekly with a nonabrasive product to help remove any pore clogging material or use a toner that does not list alcohol as an ingredient.
Use products that moisturize in moderation and according to directions. Make sure the cosmetics and sun protection you use are oil free. Look for skin care products with the words ‘non- comedogenic’ or ‘non-acne genic’ on labels.
Normal/combination skin– caring for combination skin is a delicate balancing act. You don’t want to over moisturize the oily areas which mainly include the ‘T-zone’ of your face or you risk waking with an explosion of blemishes that can take over your face. On the other hand you don’t want to apply products formulated for oily skin to the areas that aren’t oily or you risk waking up with skin that feel tight, dry and scaly especially around the eyes and mouth. To care for normal/combination skin cleanses twice daily with warm water and a gentle facial cleanser. This helps to remove dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil so they don’t block pore openings. Follow with a toner that’s either water based after cleansing to help remove the remaining residue.Periodic exfoliating is recommended to remove any dead skin cells so new skin can take its place. It helps skin looking fresh and radiant.
For oily normal skin you want to keep the skin hydrated but dry in areas prone to excessive oil. Choose moisturizers that are water based rather than oil based making sure to apply sparingly to oil prone areas. Spot treat blemishes as necessary. Benzoyl peroxide products are very effective. Apply makeup designed to absorb oils like powder or dab with oil absorbing tissues as necessary. For oily dry skin moisturize areas with emollient based products is important to keep skin looking fresh. Emollients are substances put in cosmetics to soften and soothe the skin. They are similar to moisturizers except emollient are particular ingredients in products whereas moisturizer is an entire product.
And NEVER forget the importance of sun protection and applying sun screen. The good news is that many foundations and powder nowadays work both as a makeup and sunscreen.
For me I have an oily skin so I cleanse with a Neutrogena oil free facial cleanser, moisturize with an oil of olay product. I also exfoliate twice a week and steam my face by pouring hot water in a bucket, cover my whole head with a cloth and put my face over the bucket so that the steam can open my pores.
It is worth it to take good care of your skin.


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