My bride, Mary

My bride Mary,

Mary and I went Yaba College of technology back in 2001; she later went to university of Lagos to complete her university education before relocating to United Kingdom. She got my number from another friend of ours and we met at her place for a trial makeup, she was hooked on my makeup art.

Her wedding was going to take place in Abia state where her father is from. We set off for Abia state two days to the wedding date; we arrived very late to Abia state due to unexpected circumstance. My bride made sure we were very comfortable, their hospitality was fantastic.

The d day arrived;I and my team were up around 5.30am as we were not only making up the bride but also her four bridesmaids, chief bridesmaid, sisters and mama. I made the bride up first because she insisted on being the first to be ready.

My bride’s face is flawless and all my makeup was going to do was just add to what is already there. She has an oily skin so I used milk of magnesia on her face to control the oil then a No 7 boots primer before applying Tara liquid foundation. I then used a Zaron mattifying powder ZZ35 to set the look. For her eye  shadow, used zaron duo eye shadow ‘chocolate cream’, zaron lipstick ‘mystic’.

For her engagement look she changed three times as it was tradition for her to wear certain outfits for different occasion. I witnessed an igbo traditional marriage. As a makeup artist I played with different colors to go with her three different looks.


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