The difference between foundation and concealer

Foundation is a base for other products; it creates a base tone, evens out skin tone. In other words a foundation puts a firm base to your makeup along with making your skin tone look even.


Liquid foundation; it is thicker than a tinted moisturizer. The thicker the foundation the better it covers. Make sure you test a foundation on the jaw line of your face before buy it. If you have a pale skin don’t try to fake a tan by using a darker foundation. Always blend your foundation below to your jaw line down to your neck.

Tinted moisturizer; this is better used during the day because it’s light. It evens out skin tone and provides little coverage for major imperfections. They don’t clog pores since they are not heavy and thick. They create the most natural look a foundation gives you.

Cream foundation; this is the thickest of all foundations and provides the most coverage. They are strong enough to cover the most imperfections. However because of its heavy texture, it is advisable to use them once in a while so as not to clog your pores.

Dual finish foundation; it usually comes in a compact and can be applied either with a powder brush or a sponge. The interesting thing about the dual finish foundation is that it can be used as a powder and as a foundation. When applying as a foundation damp the sponge first, on top of that it can also be used over other liquid foundations as a setting powder.


A concealer is as its name suggests a liquid used to conceal blemishes and scars. So why go for a concealer if the foundation does the job?

There is really no need to use the concealer if the foundation you use has done the job of concealing your blemishes and marks. But if the foundation does not you can use a concealer. A concealer is used only on a specific area that you want to hide like dark circles, pimples and other little scars on your skin.

Concealer is much thicker than foundation. Concealers are also used for contouring and highlighting.



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