Few rules on applying makeup

• When purchasing a foundation and powder test it on the jaw line of your face, to know if its your color the foundation and powder must blend into your skin. If you come out looking white and patchy it’s not your color. There is no formula to making a foundation and powder fit into your skin color. If it doesn’t blend into your skin tone then it is not your color.
• To define your brows, apply a concealer two shades lighter than your shade on your brow bone.
• Before applying lipstick make sure your lips are exfoliated (to know how to exfoliate, read my article on ‘getting your lips ready’). To make the lipstick last long, apply a little foundation or concealer on the lips, apply the first coat of lipstick, blot with a tissue paper then reapply lipstick.
• Except it is an editorial or runway makeup, when your lipstick is loud your eye shadow should be soft and when your eye shadow is loud your lipstick should be soft. For example, when you do smokey eyes your lipstick should be nude. When you apply a red lipstick your eye shadow should be soft.
• During the day, your makeup should be soft, warm and natural. Too much makeup especially during the day only says you are looking for attention and you don’t believe in yourself.
• When buying makeup focus on quality and not on price.
• When applying foundation and powder do not leave out your ears and neck, to make your face look even.
• Do not apply makeup in the dark or under a dim light.
• Wash your makeup brushes once a week with liquid soap or baby shampoo.
• If you have an oily face, use a face primer that controls oil before applying foundation.
• An illuminating foundation looks best on the face of a person who has a dry skin.
• If you are still learning how to apply strip false lashes it is better to use clear white glue, why? Because it dries transparent and your flaws will not be noticed.
• Eyelash extensions have their own type of glue which lasts for as long as three weeks to two months. Do not use glue meant for eyelash extensions for strip false lash.
• Never go to bed with makeup on. Clean your makeup off using baby wipes, cleanse and moisturize your face before going to bed.


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