Dos and don’ts of mascara

• Do apply mascara starting from the base and wiggle it to the ends.
• Curl your lashes before applying mascara.
• Do apply mascara after eye shadow and eyeliner, applying mascara before any other eye makeup will lead to flaking and smearing.
• Do check for smudging after you apply your mascara. By smudging I mean when part of your mascara is seen on your skin. To get rid of smudge use a wet cotton bud after the mascara dries.
• Don’t curl your lashes after applying mascara
• Don’t load up too much mascara on your lash tip.
• Don’t pump your mascara, it will only make it dry fast because the more you pump, the more air you are introducing to the mascara.
• You can repeat the process of applying the mascara as many times as you want however, do not leave too much time in between applying another coat. If you wait for the first coat of mascara to dry before applying another coat, it will make your lashes stick together and you don’t want that. So act quickly.
• Before applying your mascara make sure you do not have too much on the mascara wand before applying to your lashes. Clean excess on a tissue or the back of your hand.

lashes (1)smudged eyes.png

Difference between waterproof mascara and smudgeproof mascara.(taken from
• Resistant to water and tears
• Recommended for swimming.
• Fantastic for bridal makeup (my opinion)
• Resistant to oil and sweat
• Recommended for people living in a hot and humid environment.
• Great also for us living in west Africa (my opinion).



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