Your post baby body

Having a baby takes a lot from your body. Now you wonder how you are going to get back to your original shape. First and foremost you can get back to your original shape and even look much better than you did. Getting back into shape is all about determination and focus. Don’t believe the hype, nothing will happen to you and others that have been able get back to their shape didn’t do surgery. I am a living witness that you can get back to your shape after having a baby.
• The day you put to bed is the day you tie your tummy either with a wrapper or belly bandit. This is for women who gave birth naturally. The best time to tie your tummy is when you are about to sleep this is because when you sleep it could be an hour or more which means the wrapper or belly bandit will be around your tummy pushing it back in while you are asleep.
• Watch your calorie intake, less carbohydrate more protein, fruits and veggies. It will even help your stool since your vagina will still be healing. Yes you are breastfeeding and you feel the need to eat more, snack on bananas, carrots, cereals high in fiber. If you want to eat eba, fufu let it be in the mornings. Why? You will burn it out before the day is over. No cow meat please, more of fish and chicken, remove the skin of the chicken too because the skin contains only fat.
• Exercise. Spend less time in your car and more time taking long walks. You don’t need to drive to everywhere, walk sometimes, take transport. Skip ropes, swim, jog etc. to firm up the tummy do sit ups. Start with 5 a day and keep increasing the number each day. I remember I started with 10 a day; I kept on increasing it till I did 50 a day for a month straight.
• Breastfeeding helps shrink back your womb to its original size. Breastfeeding also helps in shedding your pregnancy weight.
• Use raw unrefined shea butter on your tummy to fade off stretch marks that come as a result of pregnancy. Order for raw shea butter by sending me an email or call +2348187238002.
There is no shortcut to the process of getting your shape back. Is all about working out and eating right. It’s also the same process for women that had their baby through surgery however they must heal from the surgery before they begin exercise but meanwhile they should eat the right calories of food.


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