The difference between dewy and matte makeup

Matte finish means it’s even, smooth and doesn’t shine while dewy makeup gives the skin a light shine as if the skin is well moisturised.

Dewy makeup is best for dry skin while matte is excellent for oily skin. Matte look is achieved with matte foundation and powder. However for dry skin it is important to moisturise the face and let it sit for 15minutes before applying makeup.

You can achieve either of the two, dewy or matte makeup look, make sure to use the right moisturiser for your skin type.

Pink ombre lips!

2018-01-12 16.47.59

To get this colour of lipstick I simply applied MAC ruby woo then a white lipstick colour at the centre of my lips then I smacked my lips together and blended with a brush.

You can try it too😉

Glossy or matte lips

I love them both, it all depends on the occassion I am wearing them too. During the cold season I love my lips glossy while during the hot season I wear them matte. I don’t have a rule when it comes to makeup, I just go with my mood and outfit.

What is your regarding your type of lipstick?

Using makeup setting spray before applying foundation

Urban decay

I discovered that when I use my setting spray before applying my foundation and after my makeup is done. My makeup lasts longer. I have an oily skin so for me using just primer isn’t enough.

At first I was using milk of magnesia then I found out through a sephora makeup video that I could use my setting spray before my foundation.

For those with very oily skin you try this makeup tip and see.

The importance of applying foundation

A few people have told me they only apply powder, no foundation. That’s one one of the reasons I did this post so that you can see the difference between using just powder and when you use a foundation.

The job of a foundation is to hide your imperfections and give a flawless finish.

The first look is just powder.

The second look is foundation and powder.

What do you think??

Bottom eyelashes, yay or nay!

What’s your preference for lashes? If you ask me, I don’t have lashes at the bottom of my eyes as in they are soo scanty you can hardly see them so I love the way it looks on me but I would prefer to only use them for photoshoots.

What are your thoughts on bottom lashes?